Types of ecclesiastical loners usually do not develop deep relationships with people, said Enroth. Loner is not accountable to anyone. Even if they have a board of directors, they are yes men. This court shares that view.’His younger brother, Mark, 27, a eurobond dealer with an Arab bank in Paris, was jailed for six years after admitting helping to hide the bodies and covering up his brother’s crime. Although Roderick had pleaded guilty to the double murder, he had claimed the killings were triggered by a drunken heated argument with his father ‘in which many old wounds were reopened’.But the Jersey Attorney General, Michael Birt, told the court yesterday: ‘There is strong evidence to suggest that the murders did not occur on the spur of the moment as he suggests.’He had first hit his father on the front of the head with one weapon, then ‘struck his father repeatedly on the head whilst he was lying stunned or unconscious on the ground’ with a second weapon which was ‘heavy, with a cutting edge’.'He also struck his mother repeatedly on the head with sufficient force to kill her when she too must have been lying on the ground.’Mr Birt said Mark Newall’s offences had ‘led to a murderer escaping justice for six years’. He said it might well have meant no one being brought to justice for the murders.In Jersey there is no law preventing criminals profiting from their crimes.

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